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your vision...

You had a spark that set you on this path. That spark has fueled an unwavering passion and courageous determination to follow your dream.

We believe that every ambitious, small business owner has a vision that is uniquely their own.


breathe life into your vision

You have big aspirations. You're ready to take action, but where do you start? Do you know which path to take? You're already busy starting and running with your passion. How will you create a tangible, living brand?

We can help.

spunky design services for the small business owner

who we are...

Lady Moxie is a delightfully creative design studio offering strategic branding, website, and business services to tenacious entrepreneurs with a story to tell. We share in the adventure of bringing your brand to life. 


let's start the journey together

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re at a fork in the road, we are here to offer creative direction and help give your business distinction through your own visual narrative.

We help you start your adventure, breath life into your vision, and discover your worth.

Erin Murray Creative for Lady Moxie Design

meet erin...

Erin’s heart is offering creative design services to courageous entrepreneurs and passionate small business owners who need a bit of spunk. She’s a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class. Erin enjoys rummaging through vintage treasures and traveling the world as a military spouse. If you like sipping bourbon, daily savasanas, and eating foods that tell a cultural story, you might just end up as more than just a client!

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